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Typical bee infestations and how we remove them.

Here is a cross section of typical bee infestations and how we remove them. For descriptions and step by step pictures on a subject, click on a picture. Use your browser back button to return here.
(There is more to come. I am adding to these pages almost daily)

Bees & comb 16 inches x 5 feet when exposed
Under Mobile Homes.
In roof soffits
 Stucco wall opened
Inside stucco walls  
In space between floor joists, two story houses.

In block walls

In chimneys
A Shed floor lifted up
Under Sheds
More pictures coming

Screen bee escape over meter
Using bee escape method
Bees get out, can't get back in, adopt hive box as new home. When no more bees exit wall, box is moved to apiary.
Bee scape over electric box
Bee escape undr window sill
Using bee escape method

To enlarge the pictures click on them. Then use your browser back button to return.

BBQ grill Chest
Click here to see a collection of unusual places
bees have chosen to set up housekeeping

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