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Beware of unscrupulous operators passing themselves off as "experienced" beekeepers, or bee removal specialists, who illegally use hazardous pesticides to kill bees. They are not trained or licensed to apply pesticides to your home or property and are putting people at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals. They kill your bees and leave a toxic mess of dead bees and a torn apart building for you to clean up. Some claiming to have a pest control operator's license, have a "private" or "limited" license which allows them to use pesticides only on their farm or bee yard.  In Florida, legal operators license numbers will begin with a pre-fix of "JB."

Pile of dead bees, broken blocks, reaking pesticide left by illegal operator

For the homeowner to clean up...

broken blocks, ripped out insulation, torn fencing,

These were done by a "beekeeper" using pesticides illegally.

We don't operate this way!
Pile of dead bees reeking of hazerdous pesticide
For the homeowner to clean up...
pile of dead bees, reeking toxic pesticide.

Licensed pest control operators may attempt to control bees using pesticides, but most are not trained in bee control, do not remove the comb, and frequently drive the bees deeper into your home.

    Pesticides are a poor choice for bee control. Physical removal is the only sure solution.

The ugly consequences of pesticide bee control

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Small Hive Beetle Maggots Small Hive Beetle Maggots
When the bees are dead or in a weakened state from pesticide application, the Small Hive Beetle, which is very hard to kill, lays millions of eggs on the comb and dead bees. These eggs hatch into maggots which also causes the honey in the comb to ferment producing a sour smell which will permeate the house and last for weeks to months. The fermenting honey then runs down the walls, ruining drywall, and staining ceilings. The maggots become so numerous they actually boil over dropping out of walls trying to find their way outside to pupate in the ground. The comb must be removed!

Black goo dead bees Black goo of rotting dead bees and fermenting honey.
Bees keep the temperature of the hive at 92 degrees F. When they are dead or weakened the unripened honey begins to leak out of the comb, some of  the comb falls and this mixes with dead bees and droppings from the wax moths to form a black goo with the smell of dead bees and sour, fermenting honey. This goo can persist in walls for years. Killing the bees with poison, (usually not successful) does nothing to remove the rotting comb and dead bees. These must be physically removed. Why pay twice --once for a pest control application and again for a hive removal specialist? Or worse, for rebuilding walls and studs ruined by seeping  honey!

Wax moth cacoons and old comb Wax moth cacoons weakening a stud. Wax moth cocoons and old dry comb.
Wax moth maggots feed on old comb producing webs and black droppings and then dig grooves into wood to attach their cocoons. They then emerge as moths and repeat the cycle. This can cause structural damage and weaken studs and joists. The old dry comb is attractive to any bees looking for a new home and a new bee infestation will start again.

Toxic powder mess after failed attempt by a national pest control company.

Toxic powder mess left by a pest control company Pile of dead bees and toxic powder in a soffit Bees thriving on new comb after pesticide attempt. Bees waiting to be removed after last comb removed by us.
Toxic powder overhead to fall on people and be inhaled. Piles of dead bees and toxic powder in the soffit. Thriving bees just moved deeper into the building, found another entrance, and built new comb. We had to wear hazmat respirators and protection as we cleaned up this mess! The bees were thriving as they had moved away from the toxic powder. We removed the bees and comb and you can see lots of live bees waiting to be removed after we took out the last of the comb.

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